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Since 1965, Wrinkle Development Ltd. has been at the forefront of residential and commercial construction. As one of the oldest and most renowned construction companies in The Bahamas, Wrinkle Development has garnered a reputation for quality. is a family owned and operated business comprised of experienced builders, developers and managers who have completed construction projects throughout the Bahamas and abroad, including North Carolina and San Jose, Costa Rica.

Our strengths are focused in management and organizational skills. We have the experience to coordinate all trades on the job site as well as interface with owners, consultants and suppliers. Our ability to procure, ship and install materials to far flung corners of the Bahamas archipelago has made WDL an expert in Out Island construction.

We have constructed over 500,000sq.ft. of buildings throughout the Bahamas and in most instances carried out all related works through fit-out. From custom homes to commercial and industrial applications, WDL has the capacity to execute both large and small projects for discerning clients throughout the Bahamas.

As long standing members of the Bahamian Contractors’ Association, WDL is a recognized leader and as a two term BCA president, Stephen Wrinkle is well known throughout the industry. Together with our seasoned staff we can build nearly anything.

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